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September 17, 2007

poor poor negleced blog...

I didn't mean to ignore my blog for so long. I thought of it often and have wanted to update, but I've been sooooo busy since the last time I wrote. I would love to to an in depth entry on all of the places I've been, but instead I think I'll have to do a big summary posting and hopefully go back at some point and fill in the blanks. The last time I wrote was way back in the end of June. At that point I was once again, trying to catch up with my blogging and was telling the story of Cambodia. This entry then, really continues from May Daze.

June was a very packed month. Whenever I wasn't working I was spending time with family and friends. It was great to make it back up to Lake Clear and area for Auntie Ruth's anniversary.

This photo was taken on the road trip to the Lake.

These are from the celebration in Pembroke:

Father's Day was celebrated with a brunch in Golden Lake:

My last days in Toronto were spent at Wonderland with family and then Pride with friends:

On June 25th I excitedly flew to London:

It was a nice, seemingly non-eventful flight until we were landing about an hour early. When the pilot announced our descent I looked out the window and thought, "Gee, London seems a bit small and green..." What the pilot should've said, was "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Belfast International Airport." But he couldn't say that because he didn't want to tip off the drunken customer in the back that he was about to be arrested.

We stayed in Belfast for about 2 hours while different customers and staff were questioned by police and the rest of the passengers found out all the gossip about our dangerous fellow commuter. We weren't allowed to leave the plane, but they would let us stick our heads out for some air.

It was a relief to finally land in London. I had just enough time to catch up with friends and take in some of London Pride,

before flying off to Berlin. First stop, the Berlin Wall:

Renate (my friend that I rushed off to London to visit) arranged for us to stay with her wonderful friends Miriam and Anett in their gorgeous apartment in East Berlin. Very luckily for us, they owned 4 bicycles and we spent all of Saturday exploring Berlin by bike.

I'll have to get back to the Berlin tale another time. I'm running out of time to write up this entry.

Next stop was back in London. Much of the time in London I spent working on a facebook application called "the School Bus" with my sister Jennifer and her husband Cory. Its our first little project together so if you've been debating about joining facebook, I think you should join now so you can play with our game!!!

Much of July and the beginning of August was spent bouncing between London:

and Manchester:

staying with friends and picking up bits of work. On August 14th my friend Sue-li and I took the train up to Edinburgh to check out some of the Fringe festival. By August 20th I'd had enough of one of the rainiest summers in English history and ran away to Spain for the rest of the month. I'm now back in London, replenishing my bank account and slowly getting myself together for the move up to Ireland.

Much more photos and stories about my travels to come soon, but for now I have to take my poor little computer to the shop for a few days for a re-vamp and repairs. See you all on the cyberside soon!