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Climb Every Mountain

Sorry, but I couldn't resist quoting the Sound of Music...

When I set out in the morning, I had no intention of climbing a mountain. I felt jetlagged, exhausted and lazy. I didn't really want to do anything but stay in bed and perhaps read a book. The overnight flight to Scotland and the lack of sleep before I left Canada (due to packing up and moving out of my apartment as well as excitement) had really taken it out of me. However, my pride kicked in as I was actually worried that the people in my B&B would judge me if I didn't bother to leave the house all day. Since I'd heard that the walk up Goat Fell was beautiful, I decided that I would walk part way up and when I got tired I would turn around a go back. I wasn't expecting to run in to two kind people who would encourage me all the way up the mountain.


Goat Fell (above) is 2,866 feet. While this is just short of a Munro, it's still a mountain. So there!

One of the few moments when you could sort of see the summit.

View of Brodick habour



Heather in bloom. This is the first time I've ever seen it in bloom!

Rumour has it that this is wild cotton.


It was so cloudy at the top that from a distance we appeared misty to each other.

Georgia taking photos at the top.


Emily climbing on the highest point possible.


This was our view. We were a bit sad that we couldn't see the gorgeous view that we heard so much about, but at the same time, the clouds made it feel like we were the only things in the world. We were surrounded my nothing. There were a couple of magical moments when the clouds lifted for about 15 seconds or so and the island was revealed but these moment were too short lived to capture. But, if you stare really hard at the photo below, maybe you can just make out the coastline.






At sunset the clouds finally lifted and showed the summit.