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Up, up and away!

My flight to Montréal was on April 10th and although I'd lived in Montréal many many many moons ago, I'd never had the opportunity to see it from the sky. The city from above is stunning.







My original plan for this most recent arrival in Canada consisted of wearing myself out by getting myself to Gatwick, flying across the pond, landing in Montreal, finding somewhere to feed and then taking the bus all the way to Ottawa. I was very very grateful when my Dad and his wife came up with the much better idea of them coming to Montreal to pick me up. The next 3 days were spent in Ottawa chilling, chatting, drinking, and dining with the Ottawa arm of the family.

The pictures below are from a trip to the sugar bush with Dad and his wife Rosemarie.



(Dad, Rose and the dogs that temporarily adopted us)

I am constantly amazed every time I re-enter Canada at the breadth and scope of Canadian supermarkets. This probably seems silly to the rest to you, but after the smaller denser grocery stores that I get used to overseas it always seems so incredible the amount of things that we have access to and the way which big box stores manage to sprawl their contents out.


Foolishly, I thought that four days in Toronto would be plenty enough time to see everyone, run errands and take care of all the business that needed to get done in my adopted Canadian hometown.Needless to say, Toronto time was insanely rushed and I'm very very much looking forward to the time when I can be at home with all the time in the world to see all my friends and family.

Graffiti from around the city.