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Hong Kong - Part 2 (park life)

I had three separate entires into Hong Kong. My very first arrival was on January 29th 2006. Chinese Year Day and the very first stop on my two plus year adventure. Man, was I excited! After about a week, I took off again. My return ticket to Auckland came with a free side trip to Bangkok, so I had to take advantage of that. Upon my return I happily had a couple of friends waiting for me (more about that later) and we had four days to play in the city. The third entry was a year later when I met up with Kelly. (You've already heard about that).

I thought I should get all that straight because you'll be seeing photos from all three trips in this entry. And as I'm sure you've already gathered, this entry is all about parks. Two parks specifically (I had to narrow it down to two because I take so many photos). This first park I'll show you is Hong Kong Park.

The park located in the heart of Hong Kong Island and covers about 8 hectares, so I still haven't see it all. It was love at first sight for me when I first found this place and I return here each time I came back to HK. This first bunch are from my first HK experience.

I love the way the natural beauty of the park accents and contrasts with the architecture of the city.

(I couldn't resist snapping a photo of this couple)

If you get tired of all the scenery (or even if you don't) I highly recommend going to the tea room beside the tea museum for ceremonial tea. The tea museum is worth a stop as well, if you're into that sort of thing...

The flora of Hong Kong Park:

The fauna:

(I know, I know... I couldn't resist)

A few photos from end of January 2007, my visit with Kelly:

(this is my favourite building in the city)

(I love the way these buildings look like robots.)

The next set of photos were taken during my second Hong Kong stop at Kowloon Park's annual Lunar New Year Spectacular Lantern Display (no, they aren't exaggerating by calling it that). I was soooo pleased to finally have Robert join me. I was officially no longer travelling alone! At the same time another friend of ours, Mark, flew over from Japan. We hadn't seen him either in a wee while as he'd been based in Japan for a bit, doing the whole teaching English as a second language thing. The three of us had amazing weekend together; seeing the sites, finding adventures and doing just a tiny bit of drinking...

but more of that later... back to the park!

The lantern festival is Hong Kong's equivalent to our Valentine's Day. I adored 2006's theme... Radiant Romance... Click on the image below to read sign. You'll feel all warm and fuzzy afterwards. Promise.

(go on, click it)

A few non-lantern photos were taken while we waited for night to settle:

and finally...