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xmas time ... part 5 ... and while we're on the subject...

I've decided that now would be a good time to finally finish blogging about Western Oz.

These photos were taken between December 16th and the 22nd, 2006. I took a tour from Perth north towards Exmouth where I planned to do a bit of diving. The company I traveled with was EasyRider and the tour was much more fun than I expected it to be. Our first stop was the Pinnacles Desert.

Further up the road we found a Eucalyptus Leaning Tree (caused by strong southerly winds):

The next day we found an amazing little lizard:

Kalbarri National Park:

A photo of me abseiling (a very fun activity that I was apparently naturally quite good at!!)

Stromatolites, also known as Living Rocks (really!)

Sunset in Denham:

The next morning we moved onto Monkey Mia to visit dolphins and pelicans.

Various photos from the road...

Shark Bay. Yes, there are sharks in those waters...

And now, from the wonderful world of termites. By the way, those mounds are made of termite poo and can take thousands of years to build.

The guy in the photo below is Bart, our amazing driver and tour guide.

This entry has turned out to be much longer than I expected, and so I will leave it here for now and return to Coral Bay and Exmouth very soon. And I guess I'll have to stop calling these xmas entires, since we will be out of the xmas season by then.

Ciao for now!

(Oh ya. I think some of you have had trouble viewing the video from 2 entries ago, and so I tried YouTube(ing) it. Let me know if it worked this time.)


Still enjoying the blog Heather. Living vicariously has never been so fun! Thinking of you in the snoooww!!