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xmas time ... part 4 ... The Year Before

Well, the season lasts until the 7th (right?), and so I think I'm still within my rights to call this an xmas entry.

Oh, what to post, what to post. I have several backlogged entries now, but limited internet time. I just had a look back though my blog and it seems as though I neglected to ever post the photos from last Christmas! The day was spent in Perth, Australia. I was at a fantastic hostel, the Governor Robinsons. The owner of the hostel put out such an amazing spread of food and drink for us that he couldn't have possibly made a dime off our being there. And so let me sell the place to you once again... Should you find yourself in Perth, Oz and are a hostel type person, do set yourself up at the Governor Robinsons, a lovely homey cozy establishment.

I don't have a lot of pictures from actual Christmas Day, but I do have two here. This one is from Christmas morning. We (we being, friends I had made traveling through Western Oz) spent that morning at the beach; lounging, swimming and generally thinking, "Wow! This isn't much like Christmas at home!

This one is from later in the day after we sneaked into another hostel's pool for some fun and then went to this park to hangout and make up new sports games :)

More pictures of Perth:


After publishing this entry, I discovered some more photos that I thought should be included.

A few more photos taken of Christmas day:

The Art Gallery of Western Australia:

King's Park:

My flight on Dec. 26th, 2006 from Perth to Brisbane:

** This little update was done on the early morning of Jan. 27, 2008


Even photos a year later are enjoyable! Especially, the Christmas lights at night!