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xmas ... part 3 ... the HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! edition

These photos were taken during Edinburgh's annual Hogmanay party. A party so popular you don't even have to make an effort to walk, the crowd just pushes you along.

Edinburgh looked even more magical than usual; all dolled up for the holiday season.

A couple of the monsters from the "Monster Mash/Nite A Fore" party on the 30th:

And here's the first video I've ever uploaded to this blog (Click to view). Please let me know if you have any trouble viewing it.

Sitting in here my Edinburgh guest house and looking back, it seems like an obviously decadent decision to hit three cities in ten days. (Well, to be be truthful, four cities. We spent one night and an afternoon in Glasgow.) But I'm awfully glad that I did. It started very early on the 23rd when, after no sleep at all, I lugged myself to the Dublin airport to catch a very early morning flight to London:

I was thrilled by the way that the low lying fog looked like Christmas decorations across the United Kingdom.

I don't have many photos of my time in London, but here's a few:

Some slightly over-jolly Santas:

The next photo was taken on the ferry to France. We decided to take the ferry and bus combo in an effort to save money and reduce our carbon footprint:

Paris was its usual enchanting self. I love taking photos of this city, and always seem to take far too many.

The character (not Santa) in the photos above and below is the creation by the artist, Jérôme Mesnager as part of his Ghosts of Paris project.

The next photo was taken in March of 2005, the last time I was in Paris:


looks like you had a memorable new years eve!...unfortunately, couldn't view the video - didn't do anything when I clicked on it, except take me to a page with nothing on it...
can't wait to see are welcome to stay here if you want...but either way...we will definately get together!

I tried to fix the link. Try it again please!!!

Wish I had your energy for taking in so many colourful sights, and sounds, I presume! Do you ever sleep?? Nice to see pictures of Scotland's celebrations! Love,Mom