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Happy anniversary to me!!!

Two years ago today, my lovely friend James drove me to to the airport and to see me off on an adventure that would start in Hong Kong and end... well... who knows where. Today I sit in my room in Dublin a little bit amazed at all I've seen and done in the last two years. I am still very happy with my decision to run away. And sometime in the mid to end of the upcoming summer, I'll be just as happy to set up shop once again on Canadian soil.

I have a whole bunch of back-logged photos of Australia sitting on my hard drive and so I might as well continue with the Australia momentum and post more Oz photos now. (Sorry about the randomness of my postings.) The first set were taken on the last day of our bus tour before reaching Exmouth.

After checking into our hostel, which turned out to be a relatively nice trailer park we drove across the peninsula to this very beautiful beach which I can't remember the name of:

And we did some snorkeling:

That night we had a little party and said goodbye. Most of the travellers headed back south, but a couple of us stayed on to do some diving. I had heard wonderful things about the Ningaloo Reef and although it wasn't as spectacular as the Great Barrier Reef, I wasn't disappointed either.

The water snake in the photo below is meant to be one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. Apparently when I was diving is not the season when it is on the attack, but I still snapped my photo and swam away as quick as I could.

The dive trips were in the morning, leaving the afternoons and evenings free to explore.

The next two pictures are of the grounds around my little Exmouth home. I loved this place because after the rest of my group left, I had whole trailer all to myself with double bed, loads of cupboard space and a decently stocked kitchen in my cabin.

But don't let the above photos fool you. Despite some nice scenery, I came to the conclusion that Exmouth is the most boring place in the world. (Or at least as much of the world as I've seen.) I guess there's only so much of never ending stretches of red sand that any one person can take. They were in the middle of building up a whole new section of the town, so who knows... perhaps its a little more interesting now. At any rate, I was quite happy when the time came to hop on a plane back to Perth.

P.S. I added a some more photos of Perth to an earlier entry. If you'd like to take a look, you'll find the entry here.


Gorgeous pictures again, Heath, both above and under the sea! Are you sure you didn't just scan some award winning professional photographer's photos??