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and just a few more underwater pictures

How exciting for me... I've almost finished telling my story of Western Australia. The only bits that have been left out now are the few days between my flight from Exmouth to Perth and Christmas 2006. I had originally planned another bus tour of the southern tip of Western Australia, but they cancelled on me and so I rented a car and followed my nose. I made stops in Rockingham (for dinner by the water) and Bunbury (to visit more dolphins), but my favourite stop was Busselton; home to the longest pier (or wooden structure in general) in the Southern Hemmisphere. (more here) It stretches out for an impressive two km!

Of course I grabbed my snorkel gear and a camera and went for a swim...


If you ever find yourself in Busstelton and wish to see the fishes without getting wet, you can head to the end of the pier to visit the underwater aquarium.

On my way back towards Perth was when I stopped in Fremantle and was unexpected and unhappily relieved of my wallet. (You've already heard this story way back here.) So I spent much of Christmas eve chatting with police officers instead of visiting the lovely island of Rottnest. If any of my readers have ever made it to Rottnest, I'd love to hear about it.

Hmmm... I still have more unpublished photos of Oz, mainly the east coast, but I think I will save those for another time and return to the more recent events in my travels. More tales of Europe coming right up!!!