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December 28, 2007

Xmas ... part deuX

Hmmm... Its past Christmas now, so I feel a bit funny calling this entry "an early Christmas..." again, but, since I have no pictures of actual Christmas day. I thought I'd post some more pictures from Wales.

In case you were curious, this entry is being uploaded from a pub in Paris during my Xtra special Xmas tour. Christmas day was spent with Sue-Li and James, in James' lovely home in London. We wasted away the day extremely effectively in our pajamas eating, drinking, making merry and watching tv. On Boxing Day Sue-Li and I moved along to Paris and tomorrow we head to Glasgow and Edinburgh to celebrate New Year's.

Anyway... back to Wales... here's some pictures of the view from our folly :-}

More images from our Wale(s)ing adventures:

... and while I'm on the subject of Wales ... here's a smattering of photos of my first visit to Wales. These were taken on October 25th during some downtime while I waited to the ferry to wisk me away to my new home in Dublin:

an ancient roman wall:

the best part of Holyhead:

December 9, 2007

An early Christmas in Wales

(photo taken in Dublin Port, from the ferry to Wales)

Last Sunday I hopped on a ferry from Dublin to Holyhead to meet my New Zealand friends for a few days of R&R in North Wales. We spent our 3 nights together celebrating, stuffing our faces in true Xmas style, playing games, and exploring Wales. It was a wonderful little trip despite the fact that both my fast ferries to and from Wales were canceled to to high winds and I was forced to take the 3 1/2 hour slow boat. It was pretty exciting to see the waves crashing into our boat and feeling the ferry tip back and forth to the rhythm of the sea. I guess its lucky for me that I don't get sea sick!

We knew we all wanted to do something for Christmas, especially because Ella, Pete and their new baby Joesph were giving up the Manchester home to travel for a couple of months and then start the long trip home to New Zealand. Sue-Li had the inspired idea to rent us out a Folly (read about Follies here).

Our folly, Brynkir Tower (links here and here), was six stories high with a well stocked kitchen, a comfy living room with a fireplace, a brilliant bathroom including a grand old bathtub, two large bedrooms and stunning views.

Here's an excessive amount of photos of our Folly:

Our yard:

One of our little side trips was to the faux town of Portmeirion, location for the 60's television show, The Prisoner: