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November 14, 2007

Various Dublin

St. Anne's Street

Grafton Street

Sunset on the Liffey. Taken on O'Connell bridge.

Swans swimming in the canal at night

The Bank of Ireland

Having a pint in the oldest pub in Dublin

Outside St. Stephen's Green

On Sunday Peter was kind enough to take me on a drive into the hills around Dublin.

A ghostly image of Peter.

November 8, 2007

The luck of the Irish

It feels so nice to be settled again. Suitcase unpacked. Clothes on hangers. Brand new sheets, duvet and pillows.


I was quite concerned about finding a place to live. I heard all these horror stories when I first arrived in Dublin about being stuck living in a hostel for 4 months while looking for a place to live. Finding a job in Dublin is easy, finding a home... not so easy. I told people I had been traveling too long to look for any longer than 2 weeks, if it took me any longer than that, I would move on. They would look at me a bit incredulously and then say, "Well, Cork in nice". And I'm sure it would've been, but I was lucky. Very very lucky. I waited 5 days to start looking for a home. Within a week I was no longer homeless.

I arrived in Dublin on the evening of Thursday, October 25th. Leslie, Charlie and friends were in town to run the Dublin marathon on Monday, so my first days in were taken up with spending time with them. The first day I had to myself I headed to my favourite cafe with free wireless and started looking online for rooms. I picked out two places to look at that night. Both home owners renting out the extra room, both about the same price. I liked both and both liked me. One was humming and hawing a bit too much because they liked me best, but were worried that I couldn't commit to a year (I was only willing to commit to 6 months) and so I took the other. I now live in a cute two bedroom home with the owner, Peter.

On the Friday, I ran in and out of my new home very quickly to drop off my bags and then finally crawled the the door on Sat at 5:30 am. I stayed up dancing and drinking with Leslie & co. until her early morning flight to England. So I guess I officially moved in Saturday morning. When I woke up in the late morning I had a long look around my new room and decided I didn't much care for it. So I told my new housemate/landlord that we were going to renovate my room. He told me in a faltering voice that he "hadn't really planned on..." but I explained to him all the things that were wrong with the present ugly ripped wallpaper and before he knew it he was driving me to the hardware store to buy supplies and pick out paint. He even bought me breakfast and helped out with the project. Luckily for me Peter is very generous and has a great sense of humour. Poor guy. He was looking for a nice unassuming easy going flatmate and he got me instead! I tricked him in the interview :) But I think we are both happy with the arrangement. He seems quite pleased with the transformation and will be able to charge then next tenant more when I move out.

So now I'm settled. Anyone who wants my new address and phone number, drop me a line and I'll get it to you as soon as I can.

This is the first photo I took when I arrived in Dublin:

St. Stephen's Green

Charlie, Carrie, Louise, Leslie, and myself drinking up before our Literary Pub Crawl. An excellent tour, should you find yourself in the Dub...


Blurry photos of Trinity College taken while we were on our tour:

One last group photo... (Oh, Charlie. You're such a ham!)

Les and I on her last night in town.