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May Daze

I'm excited and nervous. Yesterday I booked myself a one way ticket across the pond. I leave Toronto on June 25th at 7:15 PM and I arrive in London, England at 7:20 AM on the 26th. I'll be staying with my friend Renate for a few days before heading out of town on one of the excellent cheap dot-commer airliners for a weekend of fun (we still haven't decided where we are going yet). After that I'll probably wander around England for another couple of weeks before heading over to Dublin to look (again, yes, once again) for a new home and some source of employment.

Until then I've got my nose to the little grindstone organizing my visa, sorting out my neglected taxes, working, working, working. Of course I've made some time for play as well; seeing friends, family and haunting old haunts.

And taking a few photos, of course:

Roam at the Trazac Club:

The controversial new ROM:

I stumbled across the annual marijuana march one Sunday afternoon. I marched with them for about 5 blocks before getting distracted by my rumbling belly.

I spent last weekend in Ottawa. My friend Nikole and I drove the majority of my boxed Canadian life (which Nikole has been kind enough to store for the last year) to Jackie's house (who know gets to stare at my crap every time she goes into her basement). Happily it was the last weekend of the tulip festival and Mother's Day to boot!

The view from Auntie Connie's balcony:


Thanks for the photo memories of a great Mother's Day at the Tulip Festival! And my first view of the "new" Canada flag!
Still love ya,

Love those tulip photos.

Why did it say "anonymous", I put my name in the name field. It's Corey.

Maybe it's because I'm too lazy to enter my email address and site url. But my name is there let's see what happens on try #2.

Again, love those tulip photos!

Such pretty photos! Seeing the T.O. shots makes me homesick for Toronto! Sorry I'll miss you, perhaps a trip to Ireland is in order...

Yay! Come to Ireland! Everybody come visit. ( Just not at the same time :)

Ya, the tulips sure are pretty. Was great to hang out in Ottawa with everyone. 26 days left to pack in more Canadian adventures!


Corey, that "anonymous" was for my comment cuz I left "Name" blank.
Mom (Heather's, not yours!)

Well, I'm baaack. Hehheh, this is a belated reply to "mom:" thanks for the tip, I now see how the names are positioned around here. How are you doing by the way! How's life in Lake Clear, I hope the Lake is still beautiful...

Hi Corey
Things are great at Lake Clear, and pretty good at Wonderland today, too. Heather's family had a last fling with her this afternoon before she flies off again to London. Right now she's packing up a few more wordly goods to be stored at 'the lake'. I can hold them like hostages to insure she'll return home again.