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I couldn't be writing this entry in a better spot. I am sitting in an internet cafe, looking out onto the ocean. I am on a beach on Ko Tao island in Thailand. Kelly and I are here so that Kelly can learn to dive and I can do a few more courses to finish up my Adventure certification. We are staying in a lovely little bungalow, that we luckily got for free as part of Kelly's course package. She is watching a video for the course as I write this. I had second thoughts about my plans to come to Thailand after I heard about the New Years' bombings in Bangkok. I wondered if it would be safe. Since then I have spoken to so many other travellers who have been through Thailand since Christmas (some were even in Bangkok at the time of the bombings) and no one felt unsafe. Sadly we are living in a world where terrorist attacks can happen anywhere at anytime, but allowing fears of what might happen control my decisions seems to me to be no way to live. Of course I'm not going to throw all caution to the wind. I will stay away from the south where most of the unrest seems to be and I will keep track of the news as much as I can.

Its funny how perspective affects us. Another Canadian I spoke to travelling through Thailand mentioned that her family is a bit worried about her too but Brits that are over here say that there families aren't worried at all. When I asked a man last night if his family was worried, he gave me a funny look and asked "Why?" "Because of the bombings over New Year's", I said. (He just came to this island from Bangkok, by the way.) He gave a little chuckle and said, "Oh that! No. I'm in more danger taking the tube in London than travelling here. I guess we are a little more used to terrorism where I'm from." I honestly think I'm in more danger of falling out of the back of a truck (the taxi service on the islands) than getting in the way of a bomb.

I have a bunch of photos cued up to post, but I've run out of time again. I should have more down time on this island, so hopefully I'll be able to get this blog up to date.


Thanks for all the reassurances about your safety. I believe you!