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Tomorrow is my last day in New Zealand. Saturday I fly to Hong Kong to meet Kelly. I'm saying this more for my benefit than for yours as my brain still has not grasped this concept. Have I really been travelling for a year (minus two days) already?

How has this trip changed me?

I've been asked that several times. I'm sure it has, somewhat. All major experiences in life change us at least a little. So having so many big adventures in such a short period of time must have changed me somewhat. Still. I'm far from a kid and this isn't my first time living out of my country. (First time off my continent though.) ... Well. ... I guess I know myself better. I know how to dive and I know what it feels like to jump out of a plane. I know that I tend too pack to much, but I really like stuff! I know all sorts of things that are only relevant if you plan on travelling for a long period of time. Maybe when I get home I'll suddenly realize how changed I am. I don't really think so though. So if you see me, and I seem all new and different, do let me know so that I'm aware of it too.

Okay, Arrrgggg..... Can't this blog update itself. Get the time line all up to speed! Please! ... please? ... no??



On Nov. 6th I moved to Melbourne. Time to get another short term apartment, get another job and discover another city.

I have to admit. Despite my declarations of not choosing a favourite between Melbourne and Sydney, Melbourne won my heart very decisively. It has amazing neighbourhoods, wonderful outdoor art and culture to spare. I couldn't explore it as much as I wanted due to work taking up too much time, but I was very happy for the time I had.

I lived in an area called Elwood, which is right beside the very famous St. Kilda beach.

One on my favourite features of St. Kilda is the pier. Most of the above photos were taken from the end of the pier. And if you go out, late in the evening, watch the sunset and then wait a bit... you'll slowly begin to realize that there are penguins everywhere!

Away from nature and into the Central Business District, the photos below are from the Rialto Towers.


Loved the penquin shots, and the ones of the boats apparently rocking on those gentle swells in the harbour. "Moon Over Melbourne" was very pretty, too!