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Pyrotechnics at their finest

Thank you all for the sympathy. Sometimes there's nothing better than a good whine. I've felt much better about the whole situation since taking the time to winge about it. There's also nothing better that four million dollars exploding in technicolour brilliance to make a worn out traveller feel like a kid again.

I was incredibly lucky to be in Sydney for the 75th anniversary of the Harbour Bridge. The firework display was easily the best I've ever seen. We decided to ignore the locals who said there was no point in heading down to Circular Quay (the best vantage point) and with a bit of work managed to find the perfect spot to see the fireworks.

Some open shutter representations of the pyrotechnics:

The photo below makes me laugh because it looks like that guy's head is on fire.


Very colourful shots,Heath! I really liked the ones with the Sydney Opera House (I think) in the foreground. So glad your camera didn't go missing!

What would we all do if Heather's camera went missing! I'm enjoying her photos so much - it's almost like being there.

Of all the things to say!!! My camera go missing (insert shocked gasp here)!!!

Don't worry, if such a horrible thing did happen I would do everything in my power to replace it immediately. The latest version of my camera looks so much prettier anyway...