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Keep moving...

Very strange that my time in New Zealand is almost over. I've been back in Dunedin for a couple of days, visiting Isaac and sneaking time on the computer to plan the last little bits of my time on this side of the world. I keep hoping that my driver's licence will show up in the mail. Isaac's Mom has generously offered us the car to go travelling in but for some reason the Canadian Government is making me wait an excessive amount of time to mail me a new licence.

Sigh... Its fine, we can take buses. It just would've been nice to have the freedom of a car.

Back to trying to keep things in a sort-of chronological order though... I left Punakaiki (Oct. 27th) and headed further North to Nelson.

I had heard great things about Nelson, but I found the whole Nelson experience to be a bit so-so. Sunshine is one of the things that Nelson is really known for but I got cloud, so that might not have helped. Nelson does have some lovely walks and parks. The walk up to what they claim to be the center of New Zealand is worth while endeavour.

On Oct. 30th I hopped back on the bus.

New Brighton, a small sea-side town just outside of Christchurch was my next and final stop before heading back to Australia.

A few more pictures of Christchurch:

On November 2nd I hopped on a very early morning flight and headed towards the Australian desert.

... next stop, the red center ...