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I spy with my little eye...

... something red. And Red. And Red.

Its an incredible site, when you first put your book down, look out your plane window and realize that the earth has turned red. Rusty red to be precise. After all, that's what makes the sand red.

I landed in Alice Springs but made my way out the next day (Nov. 3) on a tour of the desert.

Wild horse and camel spotting help the time pass when the scenery doesn't change much.

You can even ride a camel at a local cafe.

Our first stop real stop was Watarrka (Kings Canyon).

The whole of the center of Oz used to be under the ocean. You can see the proof in the photo.

Later on, with a slightly guilty feeling (bad environmentalist wasting gas), I took my first helicopter flight (it only looks like I'm driving)

After an incredible night sleeping under the stars I got my first view of the famous Uluru (Ayer's Rock).

But before I could get to close we went to Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). I actually preferred exploring KT. Both are aboriginal scared sights and Uluru is considered to be the more powerful, but the hills and valleys of Kata Tjuta are more intriguing to me.

I had to glue together two photos to get the whole thing in. Here's more from up close.

Can you spot the cat's face in this photo?

Sunset and sunrise are must-dos when in the area. The first photo is sunset, the rest is the next morning.

The final stop on the trip was a visit and exploration of the base of Uluru. You can climb the monolith, but the aborigines prefer if you don't. Its disrespectful to their beliefs and they feel very badly when someone dies while climbing (seems to happen a couple of times a year).

I have to run. The cafe is closing that I'm writing this in. I'm in a beautiful town called Paihai near the top of the North. Maybe by the time I get to Asia I'll be ready to show you photos of this place.


Beautiful, beautiful landscapes! Thanks for letting us feast our eyes on distant examples of what a gorgeous planet we live on!!!

Your very welcome! I'm glad your still enjoying my photos!