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Back to the narrative

Wanted to slip back in time again to try and get this blog caught up. Now where did I leave off. Oh, yes. I had just left Milford Sound. The next day I hopped on the bus and started heading up the West Coast.

First stop in the Wild West was Fox Glacier. You've seen a few pictures already of some of the farms in the area. Here's one more:

Fox Glacier is a stunning place to stop for a couple of nights. There is easy access here to Matheson. It is one of the most famous lakes in New Zealand because it not only offers a superb view of Mount Cook, but when the lake is calm the reflections are stunning.

The next day I had organized a day tour for myself on the Glacier. Should you find yourself at Frans Josef or Fox Glacier, don't miss out on actually getting yourself walking around on the ice. You can only walk up as far the base without a guide. If you can afford it the helicopter landing is the best (I couldn't). The day walk is the next best.

As if this wasn't enough excitement for one day, I decided to fling myself out of an airplane to round out my day of adventure. Skydiving is something I've wanted to do for as long as I can remember, so they barely had to put me into the plane to get me up into the clouds. This is, by the way, the other reason I stopped at Fox. This is meant to be the most beautiful spot in New Zealand to skydive. I was a bit disappointed that it was somewhat overcast, but it was beautiful regardless.

The overly excited guy behind me was my acting parachute as it was a tandem dive.


Even with the clouds, the view was pretty spectacular.

I'm just a little bit pleased to be flying through the air!

Safe and sound, back on the ground.

Punakaiki was next on my to do list, and although not quite as thrilling as Fox, it afforded some incredible views never-the-less. By the way, should you want to visit this area I suggest you have a car. There are a couple of nice walks I was able to do, but most of the tramps you needed to drive to and the town doesn't seem to provide any shuttles.

Punakaiki is famous for the Pancake Rocks. Beautiful to see, but unfortunately the wind wasn't blowing enough to get the effects of the blowholes.


Spectacular!!! I really hope you write a book with all of this - I had never really seen pictures of New Zealand before...You sound great ! Hope you continue a prosperous and safe journey.

Now I can see how happy you are! Thanks for pictures of your happy, no, joyous face! The countryside looked very special, too! Keep on enjoying all your new experiences, and sharing them with us!!

Your photos are spectacular. Definitely living vicariously. Hope to see them one day. fantastic, good for you!!