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boo hoo... why me... :(

Okay everyone. Prepare yourself. I'm about to whine. And whine and whine some more. Things that are minorly annoying when you are at home, are excessively annoying when you are travelling. The last month has been throwing some real curve balls at me. One of the first things that happened to me is that my mobile phone froze. Stopped working. Of course just when people needed to reach me. Sony Ericsson were less than helpful. They would not lay one finger on my phone on the basis that it was bought in Hong Kong and I wanted it fixed in Australia. Nevermind the fact that it is a common bug with the phone and the fix isn't difficult. Their warranties are only good in the country the phone was purchased in. I questioned why they would bother calling something a "mobile" if they don't want it to leave the country you bought it in. They said they were sorry. A nice thing to say, but didn't fix the phone.

But I got it fixed by an independent shop. Who incidentally, simply downloaded the latest software from the Sony Ericsson shop in order to fix it. I lost all my photos and phone numbers and notes I had made, but it worked again.

Christmas Eve (or the evening before) my wallet went bye-bye. Not exactly sure how it happened, but I think it took a walk out of my room while I was in the shower. I think this because I heard giggling coming from my room when I was in the bathroom, which was next door to my room. There was no one staying in my room, nor was there anyone else sleeping in that corner of the hostel. ... but maybe I just lost it... I can't be sure. All I know is that I had it when I bought food the night before and in the morning it was gone. I was very sad and I've been going through a special sort of hell trying to replace all of those cards from overseas, over Christmas. Exactly when most companies don't want to replace cards because Christmas breaks records for fraud every year. Spending the day on hold and becoming aquainted with the Fremantle police station instead of going to Rottnest Island, also wasn't fun.

I'm getting through it all, but last night I was told by the Ontario Driver's Licence bureau that they won't re-issue my licence for four to six weeks. Why? How can it possibly take that long? I have a car lined up to use in New Zealand, but now I have no licence to drive it. I also had suddenly had no licence to drive the car I was already driving in Western Australia, but kept it for two more days anyway. AND my camera seems to be behaving a bit strangely. My battery charger is on the fritz. Some of my clothes are falling apart. Of course it could all be much much worse. I have a credit card and a bank card set aside, so I can still function. I kept my passport separate. I still have all of my stuff and computer and ipod and books. I haven't been physically harmed. Much much worse things have happened to travellers than these minor tragedies and a few other annoyances. BUT I'm feeling sorry for myself in this moment because the retainer on the back of my bottom teeth that has been there since I was a teenager, broke. Today. And I am not sure when I'll have time to get this fixed. Tomorrow is Saturday and my first day back in Sydney and I have heaps of running around to do. Then its New Year's and then I fly back to New Zealand. So I'll get it fixed there. Somewhere at some point.


For those of you who have noticed that my blog hasn't always been loading, its because its been slammed by spammers. Extremely annoying. I've taken some steps to fix this, like turning off a few features and not allowing comments on some of the older entries. (You can still leave comments on the most recent entries.) Do let me know if this fixes the situation or if you are still having trouble accessing the site.

I've been absolutely chomping at the bit to redesign this blog but I haven't had time (I mean I can't even keep on top of the entries!), but one of these days it will look pretty. I swear.

Okay. Its well past my bedtime. More soon and goodnight.


Maybe all the frustrating things that are happening are a message from the universe that its time to leave that part of the globe! And you have already had an abundance of wonderful experiences there! Still, a little whining helps sometimes. Counting the hours, er..., months, 'till you're home again! Love, Mom

I was thinking the exact same thing as your mom. :)
It's either the Universe telling you that it's time to come home, or your sub-concious trying to sabatoge you so that when you do come home you won't be as sad to leave (Good riddance to Oz and all that!)
I'll keep hoping for wonderful things to happen to you and rotten things to stay away. And the Ontario government to hurry up and get you your license! I'm getting a new passport and it won't be ready until the day I leave - eek! 'Course, if I want to pay an extra $70 I can get it in one day. Ask if the Driver's License people accept the same sorts of bribes to speed yours up?

And I was whinning because I have a cold on New Year's Eve. Things will get better, I am sure.