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Purple toe

Poor me... I have a broken toe. Luckily its a very small break at the end of my toe (the second toe) so it doesn't impede me too much. Especially now that my doctor has given my some wonderful anti-inflammatory pain killers. It actually getting much better very quickly. Within a week and a half I shouldn't notice it at all. It will take six weeks to fully heal so I'll have to be a bit careful with it. It did turn some lovely shades of purple for a few days... I should've taken photos.

Okay. I feel a bit silly after having been in Sydney for so long and not having posted any photos of this lovely city. I promise they are coming... But first some photos of Wellington. I think if I don't post them now, I never will... Especially since some of these (like the first set) were taken last March. Sometimes I think I need a blogging secretary...

This next set were also taken in March from Mount Victoria. A gorgeous walk. Should you ever find yourself in Wellie, I highly recommend it.

The last trip to Wellington was a last opportunity to visit with Robert's sister Jen before she returned to Canada (which she did earlier this month). We miss her.


Hey there!
Just wanted to drop a quick line to say that I'm glad you're having such an amazing time (despite the toe...eeouch). The photos are gorgeous! Very slick and professional! All is well here. Work is fine, buying art, going to L.A. in January with Ken and Vincent.
Love and licks!

Ouchie on your toe! I broke my toe when I was little (back in '84) and I had to wear runners with the toes cut off.
Looking forward to seeing those photos of Sydney some day!

You have to tell us the tale of how you broke your toe! I hope it's geting much more comfortable by now. Does it impede your sight-seeing? Thank God, it wasn't your trigger finger for your camera. The photos are always perfect!
Love, Mom

I haven't seen your blog for a while, and had lots to catch up on. Great photos, as usual. They're calling for flurries here on Friday ... remember that? Bye.

My toe was broken very unimpressively by tripping over a cord and then stepping on my own toe. No fun. Almost three weeks later though it hardly hurts at all! Just have to be careful not to jump or put too much pressure on it. It certainly slowed my sight-seeing for a while, but didn't stop it!