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More Queenstown

I don't think I could ever tire of the view from a plane window, especially when that view is of the South Island. The endless mountains make me want to jump from peak to peak like Spiderman. I'm told it looks just like BC, but I haven't seen enough of British Columbia to confirm or deny this assertion. Anyone out there have an opinion?

Queenstown is the epitome of quaint tourist town with its endless rows of cafes, restaurants and shops. Doesn't it just nestle into this valley just the way you'd expect a ski-town would?

This is the view from the bottom of the Remarkables. As this was only my second day on skies in far too many years I wasn't quite confident enough to take my camera on a run with me.

One last photo of the stunning sunset in Queenstown.


I don't know about it looking like the Rockies, looks just like Middle Earth to me. And those sunsets! Wow!! Is it really as beautiful as you make it out to be? Next time there's a cheap flight offered I'm on my way down there!

Yup, looks just like the Rockies!

I'm glad you are having the time of your life!


Thanks for the geography correction. I keep saying I need a good atlas! But I bet the professional photos wouldn't be any more spectacular than yours. Are you sure you want to re-locate to Australia??
Love, Mom

To Amy: Hurry up and come visit. I'm already half way through my time here. And yes it is that beautiful. I'm a decent photographer, but not a magician    ; - }

To Mom: I guess I know what to get you for Christmas now! One atlas coming your way. Although in this little blogland it is a bit confusing to jump from Queensland to Queenstown...