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The Great Barrier Reef

I've gone and done something I never really thought I would do. I took some lessons and became a certified diver. After spending two days in a pool and a classroom, 3 days living aboard a boat, and numerous underwater excursions into several locations along the Great Barrier Reef, I have been rewarded with a little card that states that I am a certified Adventure Diver. On June 20th I received my Open Water certification and the next day managed to take a small step up to the Adventure level. You might be asking yourself what this means... Basically, it means that I can jump into water with a fellow diver (and proper equipment, naturally) and swim around day or night as deep as 30 meters. I'm still a little surprised at this information. I'm also still a little shocked by exactly how beautiful the Great Barrier Reef actually is.

Not much more time to type as I have to get some sleep before I head out early tomorrow. I'm doing a tour of the rainforest and spending a night in Cape Tribulation. I’ll leave you with a few more photos of the ocean from the perspective I'm more accustomed to seeing it from.


That's awesome, Adventure Diver!Sorry I've been crap at keeping in touch, but I am enjoying reading about your adventures and seeing your beautiful photos. Miss you!

WOW! You are so my hero. I went snorkling once. It was breathtaking, exciting and it scared the holy living crap out of me. Perhaps it was the instructor's obsession with the dangers of baracuda and my being 15 at the time that colored my experience?


Congratulations Ms. Certified Diver! You always were a water-baby like every true Cancer!

The pictures are beautiful. Hope you get lots of opportunity to enjoy your new skills and the under-sea worlds now open to you!
Love, Mom

Wow ... amazing underwater photos. Don't tell me a disposable "fun" camera took those pictures. Your nephews were very excited and related everything to "Finding Nemo" and want to know if you had a mask and snorkel like "P. Sherman from 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney" (the dentist who caught Nemo and put him in his tank).

Glad everyone likes the underwater photos! There was much talk about "Finding Nemo". I'm very embarrassed to admit that I've never seen it! I'll have to watch it with my nephews when I get home. I'm not so sure if I looked like P. Sherman underwater, but I'll email you a photo.

These photos were taken with a digital camera I rented from ProDive (that's the company that taught me to dive).


You are so cool.