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A quiet evening

Who knew it would take me so long to sit down and post another entry. I certainly didn't. I've been flat out (as they say) lately. But I have had time for some fun adventures. I've been out dancing a handful of times.


I got to see one of my favourite bands, Sigur Ros at the gorgeous St. James Theatre.


I've been able to explore the city some more as well.

park.jpg parkTower.jpg

parkSepia.jpg statue.jpg


We celebrated Robert's birthday a few days ago with a yummy lunch out and much munching on treats. For those of you who haven't met Robert (my flatmate/travelmate/partner in crime) and are wondering who this mysterious boy is... Well here's a photo of us taken in Hong Kong,


Robert is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We met, at all places, at Opeongo High School back in scenic Renfrew County. Although we didn't really make friends until we were both living in Toronto. This is actually his second stint as my roommate and we shared a rather breezy and eccentric apartment with our other friend Kelly on College St. back in the T-dot.

Speaking of the old 416. This week I experienced my first bout of Home Sickness. It was the news that my baby niece had taken her first steps and has begun to stand on her own that got to me. It’s hardest to be away from my nieces and nephews. I miss them heaps and they are too young to be able to feel a connection with over the phone. One has to be in the room play Monster or other such games. I've had a couple of dreams lately where I've been able to pop home for a weekend to visit or grab a few things I've forgotten. I wake up in the very firm reality that there is no popping home for a weekend from this distance.

But I am in no way ready to come home. It is lovely here and there is still so much to do! Skiing season is coming up and I'm very excited to head to the South Island to play in the mountains. My first trip to the South Island is coming up shortly. I'll be heading to Christchurch on May 3rd to visit my friend Tanya for five days. Christchurch is known as the Garden City and other travelers have been telling me how beautiful it is. And yes, I do have plans to jump off bridges and out of planes just as soon as I can organize it. One can't move to the adventure capital of the world without risking life and limb at least a few times!

I'm not going to promise to post more often, but I am going to promise to try... As always thanks for reading and thanks for all of the comments. I get excited every time I'm notified of a new comment.



Those pictures are gorgeous, Heath! I maximized every one! Did you get a bouncy ride on that car-on-springs in the park?

When you said you were flat out, you meant "busy, busy" right? And those bridges you plan on jumping off, they'll be over little babbling brooks, I'm sure! And when exiting those planes, could you be tied to the waists of 2 or 3 experienced jumpers? Thanks! I need to go and lie down now.
Love, Mom


Glad to hear more of your adventures as I am dying to live vicariously through someone!

Hey Heather!

Your stories are enlightening.
Your pictures are stunning. I have never been that far yet although I'm planning to see my brother in Taiwan in January.

You sound great, looking forward to your next entry...


Hey Gorgeous! Those photos are great, I'm especially impressed with the night shots. Aw, I'd love to go to Christchurch. I've also heard it's a fantastic place - also from a friend named Tanya from NZ, coincidentally. Popular name there, I think. (I met loads (or "heaps", as they'd say, of Kiwis in Japan).
Are you really going to jump out of a plane? Well, I'm not surprised, and I wish you luck. FYI, I'm NEVER going to jump out of a plane unless forced. Come to think of it, how many times now have I held your coat and bag while I watched you on rollarcoasters? hee hee. Smooches to you!

Yes, "flat out" does mean busy, busy. And when I jump off bridges I will be attached to bouncy cords. And (sadly) I think the first time out you have to be attached to (only one) experienced jumper. Boo.

And yes I did get a bouncy ride at the park. There are some very fun slides here as well.

Wow! Never knew you were so handy with camera, Heath. Auckland looks like a really beautiful place. I love the lush tropical-ness. The Sigur Ross pictures look awesome. That must have been a fun night! Very cool band. By the way, I'm with your friend goldfinger...I'm never going to jump out of plane in my life! But I certainly want to hear all the details when you do it.



Hi Heather: I started a note to you somewhere else (I think) and then lost it.I'm not used to this curved keyboard I'm using here in Yellowknife.

I saw your new photos--what beautiful scenery! And it was good to see a photo of your friend as well-nice to be able to put a face with a name.

I'm in YK for a few more days to have a couple more med. tests at the hospital--then back to Rae Lakes.

Do continue having a great time. Will be in touch again. Easter Blessings! After all, the Season lasts for 50 days! Love, Auntie Mary

I'll join the chorus of everyone else cheering you on out of that plane as long as you promise to immediately post a picture of you having safely landed! Glad you're having so much fun and are anticipating even more!
Love, Mom

Too bad I can't take photos while skydiving... Don't think it would be the safest place to bring my camera :}

Will a photo of the safe landing, just for you Mom!

darling!! wow!! That photo of you and robert just made me melt.
You look even younger ( if that is at all possible ). HOTTIES!!

I love your stories and all your amazing photos. I'm right there with you. Thanks.

keep it up.